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Thinking About Brand Strategy..

Starbucks follows global marketing strategy with some slightly adjustments with respect to local culture and language. The concept of place to stay with cup of coffee works pretty the same in all foreign markets. The only changes Starbucks makes is a menu content, though the changes are usually related to local preferences, for example American menu has more sandwiches and burgers, Italian is supplemented with some spicy pastries, Russian one contains a lot of cheesecakes and pies. For the Finnish one it could be proposed to offer different sorts of bread, especially dark one, plus Finnish traditional "pulla" and "pirakka".  Drinks menu may also have some patterns related to the local culture.

Apart from German entry in 2002 Starbucks doesn’t need to push the strong consumer habits- breaking strategy. 10 years ago entering German market Starbucks had to fulfill the task to change customers’ preferences and to promote the concept of coffee bar as a trendy place not only to drink coffee but to socialize as well.

Now Starbucks is all over the world, it is so rooted in Europe that travelers find it strange when they don’t find Starbucks in the country they come. Till the recent time Scandinavia has been one of the latest region in Europe not covered by Starbucks, now it’s already in Denmark and Sweden and Starbucks Finland is “coming soon” as well. Scandinavia is one of the wealthiest and most stable regions in Europe, people are educated and open-minded, travel a lot and follow global trends. It’s obvious that Starbucks has a great number of potential and already loyal customers there among those who visited Starbucks in other countries and they are waiting for white-green siren logo to appear in their home city.  Thus no fundamental marketing campaign is needed to attract their attention, but the local competition evolved while Starbucks was “not here” and reached the condition at which for any new player it would be complicated to enter the market. As I mentioned above that there are enough home-made cafes in Finland to fill the market niche, but all of them lack Starbucks’ uniqueness.


What do you think about Starbucks coffee without “STARBUCKS COFFEE”?  In 2011 the company redesigned its logo by dropping words STARBUCKS COFFEE and two stars that encircled the logo and enlarged the two-tailed siren; what made the company to change so highly recognizable and successful logo? It must have a valid reason justifying this act! 

Well... brand management… does it ring any bell?
A historical shortcut (1):

“This new evolution of the logo … embraces and respects our heritage and at the same time, evolves us to a point where we will feel it’s more suitable for the future. The new interpretation of the logo … gives us the freedom and flexibility to think beyond coffee but make no mistake … we will continue to be the world’s leading purveyor of the highest-quality coffee.”

Check the video

It seems that Starbucks made a decision to expand not only geographically but also in the business direction, currently its brand portfolio includes: Starbucks, Tazo – tea brand, Etho Water, Frappuccino. But Starbucks has already started to enter new businesses (e.g. music in collaboration with iTunes), may be soon we will see the famous siren not only at coffee products and mugs but also at apparel, music, grocery products, water, dishes, toys, whatsoever… New logo doesn’t have anything related to the core coffee business and actually may suit business of any type.
Not so far ago Starbucks acquired juice company Evolution fresh Starbucks and in its plans now to roll the juice out in its stores nationwide and to include it in a health-and-wellness retail concept it will debut in early to mid-2012. (2)

Lately Starbucks also announced plans to include wine and beer in the menu of its cafes in US to test how it will work out and if the campaign will be successful Satrbucks coffee will become a Starbucks bar soon. Well, why not if there is no more ”STARBUCKS COFFEE”  on  Starbucks coffee =)

There is a version as well that Starbucks got rid of English words in its logo in order to gain greater market share in Asian and Indian markets, where the influence of local brands is strong and American companies are not in favor, thus the symbolic logo would appeal more to people in non-English speaking countries.  

(Text by

Maria Boychenko)

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  1. I'm interested if Starbucks is already using this new logo in all its markets or has it been introduced yet in practice in the actual stores and products?

  2. Starbucks iced coffee and frappuccino sold in supermarkets already have new logo, I bought one in Alepa yesterday:)
    Other products have changed logo as well, you can see at the photos in the first post Starbucks cup of coffee with new logo. There is also a photo of a poster in Helsinki airport about future Starbucks opening there, it also has a new logo which will be used in the coffee shop's design.