tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2012

Starbucks is My Neighbor!

New brand strategy of the company is related to the logo change, according to Senior Vice President of Global design the idea of the change is to give to each Starbucks café a “community personality”. First trial has been done with “15ht Avenue Coffee and Tea” in Seattle, name for this Starbucks coffeehouse is taken from the name of neighborhood, and the atmosphere inside reflects the local features. It’s hard to say whether this stunt would be successful in Finland. But currently customization is a global trend, so why not implement this approach in the country with the most advanced technologies and a developed economy. New brand identity is called “to eliminate ambiguity in our non-coffee products. For instance, in some of our international markets, we offer teas called “Starbucks Coffee Tea” – a label that is confusing, because there’s no coffee in it!” (1)

Brand Strategy Development

Starbucks Brand vision: to become the most popular (the best) coffee& coffeehouse  brand in Finland.

Starbucks Brand Promise:   to offer the coffee of high quality and to provide the best place to enjoy your time with friends and share a perfect cup of coffee beverages as well as the great customer experience and greatest service. Best coffee. Best place. Best service. To fulfill the Starbucks mission: “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” (2)

Starbucks Brand Delivery: to open new coffeehouses corresponding to Starbucks’ concept of friendly intimate and cozy place for people to get together and offer there coffee and non-coffee drinks, pastries and other production of Starbucks such as packaged coffee and tea, mugs, glasses, souvenirs, coffee&tea accessorizes; continue to sell Starbucks’ cold drinks in supermarkets; promo-actions; sponsorship of social events; online store.

Starbucks Brand Positioning: Starbucks tends to become a first thing people image thinking about coffee and leisure. Starbucks as a best coffee to drink in a comfortable place or take on the way to office, Starbucks as a best place to get warm with cup of hot drink in cold winter evening  in warming atmosphere with friends and pleasant music. Starbucks as a company which knows what customer wants and does it. Starbucks as not just coffee&place but the community, where everyone can share ideas and wishes to make Starbucks closer to its customers. Unique customer experience (all customers proposals and ideas must be heard), constant upgrade of specialty coffee menu, high quality of products, social responsibility, sustainable sourcing (“100% of the espresso is sourced under the Starbucks 'Shared Planet' and is 100% Fairtrade certified(3)), following the latest world’s trends, dynamic and vivid atmosphere make Starbucks fundamentally different from its Finnish rivals. All the points of Starbucks positioning are stressed at the following picture:

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