maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2012

Starbucks, what are you waiting for!

Here is a more comprehensive matrix of the SWOT-analysis from my previous post. There seems to be many possibilities to make Starbucks and Finland a match made in heaven and turn the Finnish market into Starbucks advantage. Just take a look!

SWOT –analysis for bringing Starbucks to Finland

S1 Positive working environment due to the company’s emphasis on the importance of employees
S2 Worldwide recognition, high quality and positive reputation (strong word-of mouth among the customers)
S3 Strong financial situation
S4 Strong ethical values
S5 Effective mission and strategy
S6 Unique Starbucks products (coffee containers, mugs etc.) enhance customer loyalty: no other coffee chain sell their own brand products currently in Finland

W1 Relatively high prices
W2 Blurring of company’s core concept by expansion of the assortment of products
W3 Inflexible pricing
W4 Not as well-established as competitors
W5 Centralized business plan

O1 Many high educated and internationally-minded people in Finland
O2 High economic level in Finland
O3 Tremendous coffee market in Finland
O4 Convenient and efficient distribution possibilities in Finland
O5 Portfolio of products in grocery stores
O6 Strong filter coffee culture in Finland is different from Starbucks’ concept

SO1 Company’s image matches the potential consumer market in Finland
SO2 Finns are experienced coffee drinkers and welcome innovative quality products
SO3 Financial status and coffee consumption reduces the risk of entering the Finnish market
SO4 Easy to find the largest markets in the south with minimal environmental impacts
SO5 Possibility to have a better focus on their relationship with Arla and grocery stores
SO6 Starbucks can bring its own, strong culture to Finland and shape coffee culture in a profitable direction

WO1 Finns are likely to be willing to pay extra for quality
WO2 Starbucks international character is the key to success not necessarily product range
WO3 Starbucks current pricing is presumably suitable for Finnish customers
WO4 Location, location, location (not only the airport!)
WO5 Not necessary to make tremendous changes for the Finnish market

T1 Starbucks’ lack of knowledge of the Finnish market
T2 Already existing competition
T3 Minimal visibility if the only location is the airport
T4 Criticism against the “evil” corporate character of Starbucks
T5 The fragmented competition: the number of substitute products is increasing which toughens the rivalry

ST1 Improve the positive image around Starbucks’ products
ST2 Starbucks’ worldwide acknowledged brand has the certain advantage over existing competitors
ST3 Expansion to the big cities in Finland is desirable
ST4 Starbucks needs to maintain its efforts to be socially responsible.
ST5 Starbucks needs to use its strong marketing techniques and experience to introduce Finns to its innovative products

WT1 High prices should be an instrument to emphasize on the company exclusiveness
WT2 With the expansion of the company’s products, Starbucks should promote  its advantage over competitors
WT3 Pricing can be consistent throughout Finland
WT4 Starbucks should further develop its social responsibility and its reputation
WT5 Starbucks needs to be open to learn about the biggest coffee consumer in the world, Finland

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  1. I like that you have thought about how to turn weaknesses into opportunities and so forth, good job! :)

  2. Thank you Isa! I think it's also a good way to get a comprehensive picture of the SWOT.